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Relationship Empowerment - Who is right? And who is wrong? The correct answer: who cares. You can either be right or you remain coupled. Rarely both. The need to be right is a losing strategy. There is no room for so-called objective reality in our intimate relationships. Listen: Your need to be right eats away at intimacy.
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21st Century Rules of Relationships

As you process the above statement about being right or remaining married, you’re likely thinking that sounds like a bitter pill to swallow. You might even be rejecting the sentiment all together, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s taken even me and my wife some time to accept that their is no room for so-called objective reality in our intimate relationship. During therapy, I’ll teach you and your partner to imagine you’re at the customer service window. Specifically, when your partner comes to you in a state of disrepair and their giving you an ear full of their subjective reality, be generous and seek to validate even a portion of their complaints and see them soften. Of course this is easier said than done. Yet, over the course of therapy you’ll develop the desire and skill to replicate this fiercely intimate way of life. The two of you will feel joy and empowerment to a degree you’ll never want to go back to your old broken selves. Relationship problems are rarely a 50/50 split. Due to that reality, as your therapist I will choose sides when necessary. Surprising? I'll side with the partner whose been seeking greater relational intimacy. The partner whose been pleading for the other to show up. This leverage is what helps you achieve lasting breakthrough results in your love life. Therapist neutrality would only keep your relationship stuck. I give the "hounding" spouse a break by taking on the avoidant, disconnected, emotionally unavailable partner. Having said that, my clients also experience my approach to be gentle and compassionate. As a therapist I see myself in a same-as stance. In other words, I'm one of you. I too am striving to break out of the dysfunctional self-centered shackles and live a more connected and loving relational life.
Dustin Hodgkin, LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


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  • Individual Therapy
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  • Infidelity
  • Sex Therapy
  • Abuse Survivors
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  • Relational Life Therapy
  • Walk-and-Talk Outdoor Therapy
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology
  • Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (P.A.C.T.)
  • Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy
  • Esther Perel Approach to Affairs/Infidelity

Insurance Accepted

  • Couple Therapy (private pay only)
  • Family Therapy (private pay only)
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  • Individual Therapy 50 min: $150
  • Couple/Family Therapy 50 min: $170
  • New Individual Intake 50 min: $180
  • New Couple/Family Intake 50 min: $190
  • New Couple/Family Intake 90 min: $260
  • Couple/Family Therapy 90 min: $260
  • We have a 48-hr cancellation policy. You will be responsible for the cost of services if we are not properly notified or you no show: $150 - $260


“Being connected with Dustin was truly divine intervention. He was lighthearted and funny at appropriate times, made me pause and go deeper into past experiences. He was very gentle always asked my permission before posing a potentially uncomfortable question. ”

Newly Wed Client

“My wife and I have been seeing Dustin for a year now. I can’t stop telling friends and family how much it has helped our relationship. Not only is Dustin personable and fair, he genuinely cares and wants his clients to progress.”

Couple Client

“I'm extremely happy as a client of Dustin’s! I’d tried multiple therapists over the course of a decade. I told myself 'maybe therapy wasn’t for me...I'm a person that wanted results and didn’t want to dwell on the past'. I’ve seen Dustin for 4 years now.”

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